Practice Suggestions

There is no perfect answer, only suggestions

  • TECHNIQUE: These are the mechanical patterns that need to become second nature. Included are Bow Exercises (right side), Tonalization (tone production), Finger work (left side), Etudes (sight reading/note reading), Scales/Arpeggios, and Exercises (Fiddle Magic).
  • THEORY: This is knowing how the music works so you can understand the music. This should include your theory book, flashcards, and composing your own music.
  • MEMORY: Always be striving to memorize some music, whether it’s old music still memorized, the next concert piece, or music just for fun!
  • WORKING PIECES: These are pieces that you are learning to advance your technique. They are recital pieces, Suzuki pieces, orchestra music, etc. These pieces usually aren’t practiced in full, but it sections for repetition.
  • PERFORMANCE: Perform some pieces every day!
  • REVIEW: Play old pieces. The more you play the better you’ll get. Always know pieces from books 1-4 easily. Play each piece in the Suzuki rep at least once a week.


  • Keep all your lesson materials in a bag or in one place at your house. This way you will have everything you need for each lesson and practice session.
  • Keep a sharp pencil in your case in case you need to mark any music.
  • Fingernails must be short so keep a small nail clipper in your bag or case.
  • Make sure the music stand is at the proper height so you don’t slump while you play. If you practice sitting down, keep an erect posture and sit and the end of the seat.
  • Practice in a quiet space so that you can really hear and focus on what you are playing.
  • Establish a routine. Consistency of when, where, what and how you practice will affect the quality of your practice time.
  • Record the progress of your practicing in this practice book. You will see that even small steps will make progress.
  • Music is a language that you must listen to. Listen to the music you are learning and when possible, attend concerts where you can hear the violin being performed by professional musicians.
  • Play your violin with others. Sight read music that looks interesting. Try different music styles.
  • HAVE FUN! Enjoy playing the violin and share it with others!